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Who is Hornet Corporation

Hornet Corporation is an independently owned oil and gas development company based out of Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Hornet Corporation is a company built on a solid rock foundation like the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where we were founded. We are dedicated to growth and to becoming a dominant oil and gas developer. As we grow we are looking for select partners to help us to reach our vision. We believe our firm is not only as good as the people we employ, but also our partners who back us. We have combined the right group of industry experts to take full advantage of the huge opportunity in the energy markets. Ultimately, we believe that if we achieve our partners’ goals, then we will achieve Hornet’s goals.

Hornet Corporation Energy Associations & Memberships

Independent Petroleum Association of AmericaIndependent Petroleum Association of America

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) has represented independent oil and natural gas producers for more than 85 years


Tennessee Oil  and Gas Association

The Tennessee Oil and Gas Association is an organization of men and women involved in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Tennessee.

Hendersonville Chamber of CommerceHendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce is Sumner County’s largest Chamber, representing the interests of its 800+ member businesses.

Hornet Corporation Oil Natural Gas Discovery Quotes

Hornet’s Ray #1, was the best well in the state in 2014 and continues producing today and has now produced more than 33,850 barrels of oil.

Murrell cited a recent American Oil & Gas Reporter article that noted that the Appalachian Basin is one of the few areas in the country where it can be profitable to drill, even at $20 oil. The article mentioned several Hornet wells as examples of profitable, low-cost, shallow wells in the Appalachian Basin

Hornet Corporation is discovering and developing the best oil wells in Tennessee

Would you like to learn more about Hornet Corporation Oil Natural Gas Discovery & Development?